Bajaj Machines was established in 1962 with a strong vision to provide Sheet Metal Solutions to the industry. Over the years, company has grown at a rapid rate and today has formidable presence in Indian & International markets. The products offered by BMC are of International Quality Standards. The organisation has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification due to its outstanding quality management systems.
Founder Mr. N.K. Bajaj, began his work life in 1962 with a small workshop by manufacturing lathe machines under the name of Bajaj Machine Tools. Between 1962 to 1979, Bajaj Machine Tools manufactured large number (740 nos) of Lathe machines which were exported to Mauritius and Bangladesh by a set of dealers.
By the expertise of Mr. Bajaj, later in 1979, another trading company was formed by the name BAJAJ MACHINERY CORPORATION which was being headed by his son Mr. Rajesh Bajaj who joined the company in 1979 with a vision of expansion and growth.
The company was engaged into trading and selling of all the machines catering to Automobile Sector, Workshop Machineries, Garage Machines and Wood working Machines all under one roof.
Mr. Rajesh Bajaj has been focused on manufacturing Sheet Metal Working Machines for the last 25 years and achieved to come into amongst today's most important Sheet Metal Working Machinery manufacturers by supporting its obtained production experience and capability with modern working system and strong investments.
Perhaps then came the New Generation, Mr. Karan Bajaj is a young management graduate and the Executive CEO of Bajaj Machines. He joined BMC in the year 2002 and under his able leadership company had grown day by day as Bajaj Machines is expanding by leaps and bounds. He is a visionary and leader with a great attitude towards modern technologies and management techniques. He has revolutionized the group activities within these years.
Just within these few years, he traveled lot all over the world and had made a Head Turning Alliance with the American ACL Company, one of the World Giants of Metal Forming and Ducting Machines.
Since this alliance in 2006, Bajaj Machines has sold more than 100 Machines in India and has touched its record breaking sales in the Year 2007 – 08 and 2008 – 09.