Big Press Brakes
These are special machines which can be used to bend Long length sheets in a single bend. The maximum length in this range comes upto 8 mtrs. Above this length then we have to go for a Tandem Press Brake. These range of Press Brakes are only available in CNC mode of Operation. In longer lengths Press Brakes the synchronization of the cylinders is Hydro-Electric as Torsion Bar is not successfull.
Rigidly Welded, Mono Block Steel Frame for Minimum Deflection under Full Load.
High Speed. High Performance Press Brakes: The precision repeatability performance of these machines is achieved by synchronizing the hydraulic cylinders with the use of advanced proportional valve control.
With automatic indexing of the axes at the start of running process, calibration is provided.
Data inputs of material thickness, type and length through a user friendly software enables the control to calculate and provide the following:
Graphical display of the unfolding of bending parts.
Back Gauge Having Two Finger Stops which can move Leftward / Rightward and Upward / Downward, depending on the Axis.
Automatic Positioning of the back gauge for each step of the bending program.
Programmable bending speeds.
Ball Screw Back Gauge with Japanese (Panasonic) Servo Motor
Lower Table Hydraulic Crowning Structure ensures accuracy and uniform bend throughout the length of the work piece.
The Automatic Proportional Crowning Device is Entirely Managed by CNC.
Graphical display of potential interferences between material, tools and the machine.
Determination of bending power required for each stroke.
Determination of the most practical bending sequence
International Quality Hydraulic Components with specially designed compact manifolds gives smooth, silent and jerk less operation.
International Quality branded electrical components ensures trouble free operation over a period of time.
Movable Dual foot switch with Emergency Stop Button to operate the machine from convenient positions.
Automatic calculation of top beam stroke for bending angle.
Three Axis Press Brake [Standard 3 + 1 Axis (Y1 – Y2 – X – V)]
Five Axis Press Brake [Standard 4 + 1 Axis (YI – Y2 – X – R – V)]
Lower Table Cylinder Crowning Mechanism Controlled by DNC (Except 40T – 50T).
Data inputs of material thickness, type and length through a user friendly software enables the control to calculate and provide the following:
Standard graphic controllers for 5 Axis Press Brake, Cybelec DNC 880S System (Swiss Make) – Special for Press Brake.
Standard graphic controllers for 3 Axis Press Brake, Cybelec DNC 60 System (Swiss Make) – Special for Press Brakes
BOSCH or HORBIGER High efficiency Hydraulic Proportional System.
ITALY GIVI Press Brake special Light Encored - Gauge
High efficiency AC servo Motor and driver from Japan – Panasonic
American – Parkar or Germany B & S make Oil seals
GERMANY EMB Oil pipe and AMERICAN PARKAR pipe connector.
REXROTH – Germany Hydraulic Pump
Germany REXROTH Linear Guide and Hiwin Ball Screw
Standard Upper and Lower Dies. (Can be supplied as per customers Drawing)
Standard Front Support Sheet Frame
Sliding front arms with bearing rollers.
Rear and Side Guard Doors
Back, gauge system with X+R axis driven by AC servo motors on linear bearings
Electrical panel with cooling fan, designed to meet CE Standards and composed of automation and electrical equipments with SNEIDER - TELEMECHANIQUE (France) brand.
Hardened and grinded standard sectioned top and bottom tools and 4 V-die Amada Promecam type tool holding system with quick release.
Synchronization of Y1+Y2 axis is provided by linear encoders with 0.01 tolerances.
Back gauge fingers move along linear bearings with 0.01 tolerances.
Movable Foot Pedal conforming to CE regulation.
Front arms with T slot can be moved in full length of the machine.
Extra Throat depth.
New design cover
Hydraulic Tool Clamping
CE Marking
Laser Safe Finger Protection
Light Curtain
Oil Cooler
Photo Electric Finger Safety Guards
Automatic Lubrication System
Any Special Bending Tool (Other than standard tool supplied)
Extra Nos. of Back Gauge Finger Stops
Extra Nos. of Front Sheet Supporting Arms
Vibration Control Mounting Pads
First Fill of Hydraulic Oi
Cybelec DNC 880S (5+1*, 6+1*, 7+1* Axis)
CYBELEC ModEva 10S (4+1* Axis)
CYBELEC ModEva 10S (5+1* and 6+1* Axis)
CYBELEC ModEva 10S (7+1* and 8+1*Axis)
CYBELEC ModEva 12S (4+1* Axis)
CYBELEC ModEva 12S (5+1* and 6+1* Axis)
CYBELEC ModEva 12S (7+1* and 8+1*Axis)
Rl+R2 Axis.
Z1+Z2 Axis Controlled by Servo Motor
Special top and bottom tools
Special Top and Bottom tooling Systems
Controls the running of the Press Brake by Determining  Parameters, Bending Angle, Stroke, Speed  Changing Point from rapid speed to working speed. Speed changing points can be controlled according to the part program by the continual online communication between the laser safety equipment and the CNC.
Delem - known worldwide for dedicated Press Brake & Shear Cotrollers. Delem - offers basic New DA-51 & DA-56 Controller for Axis Press Brakes. Delem's new generation of 60 series controller operates under Windows and offers peripheral applications, analysis tool, networking, remote diagonistic options.
The DA-51 offers all basic CNC control functions upto 4 axes and angle programming of the Y axis. The bright LCD display including backlight and the modern front panel layout guarantee a very user-friendly and easy to program controller.
For part programming it provides the user programming space for 500 program lines where each program can contain 25 bends maximum. All bend parameters of one bend are listed on one page.
For each program there is one extra page available to specify a.o. tooling, material properties and stock count.
The basic machine control functions are Y1-Y2-X axis, optionally a second servo axis to be used as R/Z or X2 axis control and/or a 3 position pneumatic R axis control.
The CNC control is able to drive a crowning device.
The compact control gives highly flexible mounting possibilities and is pin compatible to the graphical programming unit type DA-51.
Main Technical Specifications
• LCD display 320x240 pixel
• Memory capacity: 500 program lines with 25 bends max. per program
• Tool library
• Product counter
• Bend repetition, 99 max.
• Operator selectable language


General Specifications   

   ·  Controls 1 – 4 Axis
   ·  Keyboard with Large Keys
   ·  Monochrome graphic LCD screen 75 x 130mm
   ·  Automatic conversion: Inch / mm; US TON / Metric TON: PSI: 1000 / kg/cm2,
   ·  240 x 128 pixels with automatic contrast correction
   ·  Internal SRAM memory
   ·  N2X axes with High Speed Counting (250 Khz) with PID regular and programmable resolution.



2D graphical CNC system for hydraulic press brakes with CNC postprocessing
The graphical programming, bend sequence computation and 2D simulation provide a user-friendly and fast programmable CNC for press brakes ever built.
Programming the Delem DA-56 is simply drawing the profile of your product on the screen. Simulation of the bend sequence is done with the userfriendly bend determination tool. With one simple keystroke, the CNC program is calculated and stored.
Main Technical Specifications
• Colour display 10" TFT
• 2D Graphical CNC system
• Operator warning system
• Servo, frequency invertor and AC control
• Bend sequence determination
• USB interface for easy connection of external devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.)
• Memory capacity: 500 program lines with 25 bends max. per program
• Tool library
• Product counter
• Bend repetition, 99 max.
• Operator selectable language
• Crowning control
General Specifications 
• 4 or 7 axes either in panel or box design.
• 10-inch TFT colour screen, the unit provides high-level comfort and good field of vision.
• A large key keyboard allows rapid data entry, even if the operator is wearing protective    gloves.
• 2D graphic software make the use of this control very efficient and comfortable.
• 6 subject-oriented keys giving access to clearly and logically designed menu pages.
• The system also shows the position of the sheet within the tools.
• The software enables the machine manufacturers to configure the axes, inputs/outputs and    auxiliary functions according to their needs.
• DNC 880 has a FLASH main memory with no moving parts for high reliability
• RS232 ports and a parallel printer port are also available
• Two-dimensional colour graphics software displays the bending ranges, the tools and their    position in the machine
• Software updating is simple using 3.5-inch diskettes and the built-in drive.

DELEM DA-66W       
General Specifications 
• Multitasking environment,
• 2D simulation of application before bending process,
• Microsoft Networking standard on board.
• Structured program storage {subdirectories],
• 10.4' TFT High Resolution Colour display (640 x 480 pixels. 16-bit colour).
• 200MHz microprocessor,
• 32 Mb memory capacity,
• 4Mb free product and tools memory,
• 20 digits alpha-numeric drawing number.
• 7 digits program number.
• Program repeat max. 9999,
• Step number, 25 max.(sequences).
• Step repeat, 99 max..
• Millimeters/inches-USTON/KN.
• External connection of USB
• Keyboard, mouse.
• Error messaging system,
• PLC functionality (sequencer).
• Machine time + stroke counter.
• Tandem operation,
• Delem Modular compatible.



General Specifications 
• 2D DOS-based operating system.
• Wide ergonomie keyboard and integrated track sensor.
• 6 context-sensitive function keys.
• 10'' TFT high resolution color screen
• Working memory flash 32 MB
• Integrated 3,5" floppy disc (optional CD-ROM, LSI 20 or others)
• Printer output and 2 RS232 port.
• Ethernet RJ45 and 2 USB port,
• VGA screen output,
• Conversion inch/mm, ton/tons,
• Measurement of speed, stopping time and leakage of the beam.
• Management of CE safety cycles.
• Interactive display of safety utilities and customized messages.
• 16 axes could be configured.
• 2D Windows* operating system. Stable

Configuration of the consoles Console ModEva 10S ModEva 12S ModEva 15S
TFT screen 10" 12" 15"
Resolution 640x480 800x600 1024x768
Track Sensor - Yes Yes
Touch Screen - - Option
Quick Cursor Yes
3.5" floppy Yes
Ext. keyboard socket Yes Standard AT
Ext. mouse socket Yes Serial mouse with mini DIN socket
Power Through the Panel Link
Auxiliary I/O 12/12
Seal IP54
Link CNC 2 cables RJ 45 twisted pair category 6. Cables 5 m or 10 m. Dist. > 10 m with CYBELEC repeater, ModEva 15S > 5 m with repeater
Temperature, pollution level, relative humidity, during work. Min. 5° Celsius, max. 40° Celsius.*
Pollution level 2.
Relative humidity (10 to 85% non condensing).
* If the ambient temperature approaches or exceeds 40° Celsius, it would be advisable to install special ventilation, or even air-conditioning..
Approx. 10 kg Approx. 5 kg.