CNC 2 Axis

NC – BHPBN Series – 2 Axis Torsion Bar Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake

If your aim is to provide important developments in quality, productivity, esthetic and security aspects, ‘BAJAJ – ACL’ NC BHPBN series is what you are looking for. NC - BHPBN series is developed for works with wide variety and where production speed is important. Syncro system is provided by torsion bar synchronized cylinders.  And this means bending angle with maximum precision. CYBELEC DNC 60  is used in BHPBN Series Machines. These controllers are very easy to use, with high capacity and fast processing power, durability and service network all around the world provides your machine high performance.

Rigidly Welded, Mono Block Steel Frame for Minimum Deflection under Full Load.
Solid Torsion Bar Linkage for RAM parallelism and accuracy
Precision RAM Control and Accurate Back Gauge position (with Ball screw and servo motor) – The High precision Linear encoders are mounted on the Back Gauge as well as on the top of the RAM Plate. These encoders takes RAM Position and Back Gauge Movement reading and feeds them to the Controller which in turn makes it very easy for the operators of the machine to operate the machines.
Noiseless operation and least impact loads on tools and foundations
Ball Screw Back Gauge with Servo Motor
Automatic Programmable Back Gauge and RAM position
International Quality Hydraulic Components with specially designed compact manifolds gives smooth, silent and jerk less operation.
Movable foot switch to operate the machine from convenient positions.
Pre – Set, 3 speed bending cycle giving fast approach, slow bending (for maximum accuracy) and fast return, resulting in reducing idle travel time and improving productivity.
Cylinders from High Quality forged steel and are precisely honed. Pistons are hard chromed for longer life.
DELEM DA41 CONTROLLER (HOLLAND MAKE) Special System for Press Brake to control Axis Y (For RAM) and Axis X (For Back Gauge) with two manually displaceable finger stops.
All Hydraulics are of Standard Make either from REXROTH – Germany or HUADE – European
All Electrical Components are from SNEIDER – Telemechanique (France)
Standard make Servo motor with Japanese OMRON Servo Drive
Back Gauge Having Two Finger Stops which can move Leftward / Rightward and Upward / Downward Manually by hand.
American – Parkar or Germany B & S make Oil seals
Fine Stroke Adjustment Rod with Limit Switches.
One Suitable Multi – V Die and Universal Upper Blade (Segmented) Hardened and Ground fitted on the machine.
Lower Table Hydraulic Crowning Structure (Special Feature – Only comes in our machine) ensures accuracy and uniform bend throughout the length of the work piece. (Available in Machines with Length of 3 mtrs. And above and thickness more than 4MM)
2 Nos. Pair of Front Sheet supports arms of 500mm length each, also can be moved in the T – Slots in full length from left to right.
Extra Throat Depth
Movable Foot Switch to operate the machine from convenient positions
Pair of Die Lifting Links
Maintenance Tool Kit
Foundation Bolts and Leveling Plates
Comprehensive Instruction, Operational and Maintenance Manual in English
CNC R Axis Control
Hydraulic Tool Clamping
Optional and more advance controllers (DNC 880 SYSTEM or CYBELEC MODEVA SYSTEM)
CNC for Z1 and Z2 Axis Control (With CYBELEC DNC 880 System)
Sliding Sheet Supports
CE Marking
Rear and Side Guard Doors
Laser Safe Finger Protection
Light Curtain
Oil Cooler
Photo Electric Finger Safety Guards
Automatic Lubrication System
Light Encode to Detect RAM position
Any Special Bending Tool (Other than standard tool supplied)
Extra Nos. of Back Gauge Finger Stops
Extra Nos. of Front Sheet Supporting Arms
Vibration Control Mounting Pads
First Fill of Hydraulic Oil



The DA-41 control provides a complete solution for press brake applications for 2 axes. Including the axes control for the press beam and backgauge.
With its bright LCD display a clear and easy control is offered. DA-41 offers, retract function, memory capacity upto 100 programs and upto 25 bends per program.

DA-41 CNC Characteristics
High-definition LCD display
Position control of slip stop
Back gauge control
Angles programming
Moulds' technical parameters are established
Escaped materials control
100-step procedures
25 engineering steps for each procedure
Servo Control / Frequency Control /two speeds AC motor control
General Specifications
Controls 1 – 4 Axis
Keyboard with Large Keys
Monochrome graphic LCD screen 75 x 130mm
Automatic conversion: Inch / mm; US TON / Metric TON: PSI: 1000 / kg/cm2,
240 x 128 pixels with automatic contrast correction
Internal SRAM memory
N2X axes with High Speed Counting (250 Khz) with PID regular and programmable resolution.


General Specifications
4 or 7 axes either in panel or box design.
10-inch TFT colour screen, the unit provides high-level comfort and good field of vision.
A large key keyboard allows rapid data entry, even if the operator is wearing protective gloves.
2D graphic software make the use of this control very efficient and comfortable.
6 subject-oriented keys giving access to clearly and logically designed menu pages.
The system also shows the position of the sheet within the tools.
The software enables the machine manufacturers to configure the axes, inputs/outputs and auxiliary functions according to their needs.
DNC 880 has a FLASH main memory with no moving parts for high reliability
RS232 ports and a parallel printer port are also available
Two-dimensional colour graphics software displays the bending ranges, the tools and their position in the machine
Software updating is simple using 3.5-inch diskettes and the built-in drive.